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Welcome to the Prairie PTO webpage! Parents, teachers and administrators join together through the PTO for the benefit of BMS Prairie students. The PTO provides academic programming, educational materials, and social activities for students. The PTO also coordinates programs for parents and provides supplemental materials for teachers. The PTO is funded through dues and a single fundraiser, the No Stress Fundraiser. For the latest happenings, please follow us on Facebook!

Our Mission 

The purpose of the PTO of Barrington Middle School Prairie Campus is to work in the best interest of children in the school, home and community.  We strive to bring into closer relationship the home and school, and to promote understanding and cooperation between parents and teachers.  We initiate and encourage ideas and activities which are in the interest of BMS Prairie. We promote unity with Barrington 220 Middle Schools by working toward common goals and sponsoring joint activities which involve parents, staff and students at both schools.

PTO Executive Board 

Please contact Prairie PTO President Rupal Upadhyay at for more information. Click here to view the 2024-25 slate

Executive Board

  • President
    Rupal Upadhyay
  • 1st Vice President
    Rachel Sepe
  • 2nd Vice President 
    Brynnen Crosson
  • Secretary
    Emily Kerous
  • Treasurer
    Christine Birch